About Me

Zoey Armstrong: Geography master’s candidate at Miami University with a passion for the environment, spatial data, and good design

My name is Zoey Armstrong and welcome to my site!

I’m a geography Master’s student at Miami University currently studying biogeography and its application towards conservation management. My undergrad “career” was also at Miami University where I got a degree in biology. Heading out to the Midwest was a big change for a San Diego native, but during my time there as an undergrad I came to see some charm in the midwest when I developed a real passion for botany. It was incredible to finally have names for things I had passed by for years without noticing. Knowing the names of the flora made me feel very connected to nature. However this knowledge was a double edged sword; I became painfully aware of the invasive species and how small and hemmed in the “natural” areas were. Understanding this first hand led me into conservation sciences and eventually GIS. I was drawn to the practical solutions attainable with GIS  and the seemingly limitless applications of geography. It wasn’t long before I was looking at getting my master’s in geography where I could continue learning and work to combine all these passions in my thesis.

Proficient with

ESRI Products

Geospatial Analytics Using R

Satellite Imagery and Processing


Past Experience

Graduate Student Researcher
(2019 – Present)
Master’s candidate conducting an independent research project with a focus on species distribution modeling. Interested in making use of natural history datasets and citizen science sources to create and validate the accuracy of a distribution model.

Teaching Assistant
(2019 – Present)
Teaching assistant for geospatial classes. Hold office hours where I answer questions about all things ESRI, QGIS, and remote sensing. Alongside this, I assist with both grading papers and with in class teaching.

Undergradate Research Assistant
(2017 – 2019)
Assisted Master’s and PhD candidates with field research. Involved going into the field and running systematized transects surveys and line plot surveys. Gained lots of experience with field data collection techniques.

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