WashinGTON and Oregon Topography

Exaggerated relief map of Washington and Oregon. Created as a visual to accompany a PowerPoint presentation on my thesis research.

Topographic and Bathymetric map of San Diego

I’m originally from San Diego and decided to create this map as a gift for my dad. It features an old hand drawn USGS map of the area from 1987 to serve as basemap. I enjoy bringing these old maps to life with modern data and technology.

Poland Topography

This map was my first attempt at something more stylized, and I think the ideas in this map eventually paved the way for the much more stylized Azores map.

The Great Lakes Region

My first map of this type, a combined topography and bathymetry map of the great lakes region.

StYlized Map of the Azores

I started with an old bathymetric map of the Azores from 1899. This hand drawn map would serve as the backbone of the project and the contour lines traced from the original map. This piece was showcased as one of the 13 maps in the 2021 GeoHipster calendar after I entered it into the competition.

Client Project for THE CENTER OF SCHOOL BASED MENTal Health

This map was created as part of a series of maps for the Center of School Based Mental Health in Butler County, Ohio. It was a challenge to present this much geographic information in one concise map in a way that wasn’t overwhelming to the viewer.

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